About African Network International

Our organisation exists only for the purpose of making the life of these children better..


African Network International was established to provide hope to the African children who had lost hope after the loss of their parents to HIV (AIDS) by support them in acquiring Education and also by providing them with simple basics of life such as food, shelter and clothing.

African Network International has been working hard to improve the lives of young people in Africa since 2012 and through generosity and support, we have managed to support dozens of children by paying for their school fees and enabling other to acquire carpentry and house construction skills to enable them attain employment and provide for themselves.

We have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go, we know that with your support we shall get there together.

Thank for you for support and please let us keep the dreams for these children alive.

Forward Thinking

African Network International exists so all children in Africa can live purposeful and safe lives and grow up in love with hope of achieving their dreams. We are focused on providing support to disadvantage children and orphaned children in Africa who have lost their dear ones to HIV (AIDS) and have no hope for the future.

Our Goals and Objectives
Our main goal is to create a conducive environment for children and empower them through attaining education so that they can exploit their potential and achieve their dreams.

Our objective is to;

  • To offer financial support and provide basic necessities of life such as; food, shelter and clothing to the disadvantaged and orphaned children in Africa with a sole purpose of transforming their lives for better.

Help us support the Children

£10 could give 10 children necessary school books for a school term (normally 3 months).
£24 could give 12 children a nutritious and filling meal for a school term.

There is a lot You can achieve with us. Please support us